Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the movie included in the price of the tasting?
No, the total price includes the shipping and delivery of the 5 whiskies, along with the tasting notes and timings for the whiskies during the film. We have specifically chosen films which are available to stream in your country from various streaming services.

Q: Are the tasting notes printed out? 
We have decided to email you the tasting notes in advance to try and be as sustainable as possible, but please feel free to print out the tasting notes and tasting mat after we email them to you if it will enhance your experience.

Q: Is it best to share the five whiskies?
This is entirely up to you, but the Watch with Whisky experience has been designed for you to enjoy each whisky on your own. The drams are 30ml, which is fairly small amount of whisky to share. Perhaps we are just greedy when it comes to whisky though!

Q: Do I need to drink all of the whiskies?
This is very much at the participant’s discretion. We would recommend going at your own pace, and only drinking what you feel comfortable with. That may mean just having a small sip of each whisky at the appropriate time. The whisky which you don’t finish and leave in a closed bottle will remain drinkable for a lengthy time in the future.

Q: Is there a specific way to prepare the whiskies?
We would recommend having each whisky pre-poured and laid out on the tasting mat ahead of hitting play, but there is no right or wrong way to Watch with Whisky. Whatever helps make you feel more relaxed.

Q: What is a “dram”?
A dram was a specific measurement of whisky but is now used more commonly as an affectionate term for a glass of whisky.

Q: Should I pause the film each time I would like to have a drink of whisky? 
This is completely your choice. Having the whisky prepared ahead of starting the film will help with how often you may need to pause to get the correct whisky at the correct time.

Q: Do you recommend reading through the notes ahead of watching the film? 
This varies from person to person. Reading in advance may help you feel a little more prepared, but there are some spoilers in the notes, so beware.

Q: Are the whiskies the same for each film?
The team at Away from the Ordinary have worked to make sure the whiskies are diverse and distinct throughout the Watch with Whisky cinematic series, ensuring a different whisky experience for each film.

Q: Can you ship to other countries apart from the USA, UK and Australia?
Yes we can. If you get in contact we can send you a quote depending on what country you are based in.